Splashy Fun with Aqualogic Swim

Splashy Fun with Aqualogic Swim

Swimming is a vital life skill that not only promotes physical fitness but also ensures safety around water.  Aqualogic is the Philippines' premiere swim school with one goal: to spread the joy of swimming to as many people as possible.  Read on to find out more.


1. What Is Aqualogic Swim?

Aqualogic Swim Co. is led by Ria Mackay, who brings over 30 years of experience in competitive swimming and teaching, both domestically and internationally. Ria's journey in the swimming industry began at a young age, as she started teaching swimming to young kids even before attending college. Her passion for teaching and swimming grew, and she eventually expanded her operations in 2007 to establish Aqualogic Swim Company.

Ria's teaching philosophy emphasizes a holistic and non-intimidating approach to achieving efficient swimming techniques. Drawing from her extensive teaching experience, Ria incorporated her swimming philosophies to establish Aqualogic. She continually enhances her knowledge and skills by actively participating in international trainings and swimming conferences, ensuring that her teaching techniques remain up-to-date.


2.  What Makes Aqualogic Different From Other Swim Schools?



3. Some Kids Are Afraid Of The Water. How Do You Help Them Get Over This Fear?

It is important for parents to allow the instructor the opportunity to establish a bond with the child, as they are trained to handle various situations in the pool. While it can be distressing for parents to see their child cry during their first swim lesson, with proper handling, positive reinforcement, and a regular routine, children typically learn to love the water despite any initial apprehension.

We make sure to create an environment where children feel that the pool is a pleasant and safe place. Although children who have developed fear or negative feelings towards the water may initially cry, through a combination of structured play and discipline, they can eventually relax and become comfortable in the water.


3. What Age Should Kids Start Swimming Lessons?

 We provide swim lessons for babies as young as 6 months old, emphasizing that it's never too late to start learning to swim at any age. Swimming is a life skill that everyone should learn, regardless of their age. Infants and toddlers learn water safety while creating joyful memories with their parents using a gentle, non-traumatic approach that includes songs, games, and a variety of colorful toys.


4. What Made You Decide To Make Sun Bum The Official Partner of Aqualogic Swim?

Given our extended exposure to the sun, it was crucial to safeguard ourselves from the damaging effects of UV radiation. We were conscientious about selecting only high-quality products for our skin protection, and happily, Sun Bum Sunscreen products rose to the occasion!



The Aqualogic Swim summer term starts on March 18. Interested parties may register through their website http://aqualogicswim.com



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