Repair (Your) Summer Hair

Repair (Your) Summer Hair

Summer in Manila was crazy hot this year! The fun days we spent by the beach and pool were definitely epic. But the sun, saltwater and chlorine also took its toll... especially on our HAIR.

SUN BUM's Hair Care has a chock-full of amazing natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and more.  These make sure each product gives your tresses only the best care possible.




Here is an easy peasy REPAIR TREATMENT you can do at home to give your locks some much needed love.


STEP ONE : Your Choice of Your Favorite Sun Bum Shampoo   

Use a quarter size in your palms, work up a good lather and the apply directly to the scalp to get your hair squeaky clean and rinse all the oils and sand out.


Revitalizing Shampoo 10 OZ - This daily hydrating shampoo cleanses and helps deliver deep nutrition and intense moisture with a special concoction of Coconut oil, Banana, and Sunflower Seed Oil.


STEP TWO : Your Choice of Your Favorite Sun Bum Conditioner
Quarter size in your palms or a silver dollar for mermaid hair. Rake through locks, midway to ends, untangling knots and giving extra love to extra hair. Let it sit for a minute before rising thoroughly. Use sparingly on scalp and rinse with cold water for extra shine. 

Revitalizing Conditioner 10 OZ - Our daily hydrating conditioner uses some of our fav ingredients like Coconut Oil, Banana, and Sunflower Seed Oil to help deeply hydrate and nourish our hair, making it smooth and healthy-looking.


STEP THREE : 3 in 1 Leave In Treatment                                   

Spray in wet or dry hair and then comb through or tousle with fingers for hydrated, soft, and tangle free locks.

3 in 1 Leave In Treatment 4 OZ - By far the most "borrowed" Item from our beach house, this Leave In helps detangle, condition, and protect.


STEP FOUR : Coconut Argan Oil
1 - 3 pumps in hand and then work through locks from mid to end. Give extra love to dry ends and avoid the scalp so you don't end up all greased up. Blow dry.

COCONUT ARGAN OIL 4 OZ - We grab this lightweight treatment, a blend of our fav tropical oils, to help protect our hair from the elements while hydrating, restoring, and strengthening.


Follow this treatment once a week, and we guarantee your tresses will thank you and come back to life!



Team Parasol Y Mar

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